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Localization using STATIC resource string files is an outdated old fashioned unflexible way of doing it...

Among other reasons this forces us to make a complete reload of the Blazor Server app on every language switch, wich occurs frequently because it's a multi-language editing app for every record. Furthermore, now every element of the same type in the app must have the same strings on it's resources, so you can't have two different components, for example two calendars, with different culture on it on the same page.

Please, create a property on the components to allow overriding some or all the component string resources, by injecting a simple Dictionary<string, string> into it, this way:


    var myStrings = new Dictionary <string, string> { { "today", "hoy" } };


and then, in templates:

    <SfCalendar TValue="DateTime?" @bind-Value="myDate" additional-resources="myStrings"></SfCalendar>

This additional resources should be merged on an instance base during the component initialization.