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Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null

    at capitalizeFirstWord (util.js?2728:176)

    at Day.ViewBase.getLabelText (view-base.js?cee7:314)

    at Render.updateLabelText (renderer.js?0798:122)

    at Render.initializeLayout (renderer.js?0798:83)

    at Render.render (renderer.js?0798:18)

    at Schedule.initializeView (schedule.js?1dd3:483)

    at Observer.eval (schedule.js?1dd3:614)

    at Observer.notify (observer.js?811a:102)

    at Schedule.Base.trigger (base.js?3923:181)

    at VueComponent.ScheduleComponent.trigger (schedule.component.js?6bb5:85)

can you give me an advice why i get this error when i change the view from Month to Week or Day?

i use locale: de-AT