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in your "sfcalendar" when i will set event like '01-june-2020' to 05-june-2020'
in your calendar it will shows in "july"

code i m using:
refrence url 

SfCalendar sfCalendar = new SfCalendar(this);

CalendarEventCollection eventsCollection = new CalendarEventCollection();
CalendarInlineEvent events = new CalendarInlineEvent();

//starting date of event
Calendar startEventDate = Calendar.Instance;
startEventDate.Set(2015, 9, 26, 10, 0, 0);
events.StartTime = startEventDate;

//ending date of event
Calendar endEventDate = Calendar.Instance;
endEventDate.Set(2015, 9, 26, 12, 0, 0);
events.EndTime = endEventDate;

//subject which will be going to add as content in Inline event appointments
events.Subject = "Business Meeting";

//Indicator color in appointments
events.Color = Android.Graphics.Color.Red;


//Add collection of events as source of SfCalendar

sfCalendar.DataSource = eventsCollection;


in this code reference also showing wrong.

code set 26 September 2015 but in your screenshot showing 26 October 2015 solve this issue.