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I recently ran into an issue that would cause the number of selected records within the grid not be accurate.

Please see the attached sample, as it is setup to re-create the issue. Please note that the sample is a Blazor WebAssembly Project

[Steps to Reproduce Issue (Using Sample)]

  1. Launch the Project
  2. On the Home Page, click the Select All Checkbox
  3. Click either of the two buttons to perform a progmatic selection
[Expected vs Actual Behavior]
  • Expected: When clicking either of the two buttons to select records, either ALL or the TOP 3 records should be selected, and the Number of selected Items displayed should reflect that
  • Actual: When clicking either of the two buttons, the top record is unchecked, but the row itself is still selected. The number of items still reflects that the record is selected, but when obtaining a list of selected records, that top record is not included.
[How to Resolve Issue]
  • I noticed that removing the GridEvents RowDeselected and RowSelected fixes this issue
Thank you,