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The RichTextEditor while in "SourceCode" view is ignoring the bound value assigned.

Here's an example on stackblitz which shows the probem:  


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Initially in HTML view, note that the value in the RTE and the simple input have the same value "Initial value"
  2. Modify the text in the simple input (note: NOT the RTE)
  3. Note as you type in the input that the RTE updates (i.e. the value is bound to the "text" property of the control
  4. Click the "Code View" button in the toolbar
  5. The current value is displayed (including the much hated <p> tags which is a completely different issue) indicating that it is aware of the changes in the "text" property.
  6. Change the text in the simple input

Expected result: the "Code view" should display the newly entered text as does the HTML view.

Actual result: the "Code view" contains the OLD value