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There should be a button/checkbox, (probably at the bottom or right to the page selector), that will clear the entire filter and also, if possible, display the filter or at least say if there is a filter active (it could also be the button/checkbox enabled or disabled) This would give a clue to the users if there is a filter active.  Here is a scenario that is not unusual and happens to some of our end users:

  1. The user filters on a column for example;  Terms = "Due on Receipt". Only matching rows will display
  2. The user resizes or scroll the grid in a way that the filtered column is out of view
  3. The user answer a phone call or take a break. When he comes back he wants to enter a new record. He click "Add" and then "Save" for the new record where Terms = "Credit"
  4. The way it is now, that row will not show in the grid and the user may not know what happened. There is absolutely nothing telling him that there is a filter preventing the new row to be displayed.