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Note that I consider this a bug, but was not able to mark it as a bug, it ended up as "Feature request".

We have followed instructions from this feedback: 

Trying to pan brings back all data, and panning is no longer available. Code below.

panning problem.gif


      series: _getDataSeries(),

      plotAreaBorderWidth: 0,

      tooltipBehavior: TooltipBehavior(enable: true),

      primaryXAxis: DateTimeAxis(

        intervalType: DateTimeIntervalType.days,

        visibleMinimum: hasTooMuchData

            ? dataPoints[dataPoints.length - 31].timestamp

            : null,

        visibleMaximum: hasTooMuchData

            ? dataPoints[dataPoints.length - 1].timestamp

            : null,

        interval: 10,

        labelStyle: ChartTextStyle(color: appTheme.textColorOnLightBgDisabled),

        majorGridLines: MajorGridLines(color: appTheme.dividerColor),

        majorTickLines: MajorTickLines(width: 0),

        minorGridLines: MinorGridLines(color: appTheme.dividerColor),

        labelIntersectAction: AxisLabelIntersectAction.hide,

        edgeLabelPlacement: EdgeLabelPlacement.shift,

        axisLine: AxisLine(width: 0),


      primaryYAxis: NumericAxis(isVisible: false),

      annotations: _getMinHighAnnotations(),

      zoomPanBehavior: ZoomPanBehavior(enablePanning: true),