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Please find the sampled link from https://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/support/directtrac/general/ze/vue-ej2-es5-error-resolved-1944274537.zip .

1) The reported issue is reproduced in with NPM and CDN packages
NPM: "@syncfusion/ej2-vue-es5": "^18.1.42"
CDN: http://cdn.syncfusion.com/ej2-vue-es5/dist/ej2-vue.min.js
2) pdfTrueTypeFont API is in ej2-pdf-export source. It’s not depends on ej2-grid source.
3) The same issue has reproduced in previous versions too.

Note: To reproduce this issue, please uncomment the below lines and use the above mentioned CDN link or NPM package for ej2-vue-es5.
var pdfExportProperties = {
theme: {

{font: new ej.pdfexport.PdfTrueTypeFont(window.adventProFont, 12) }


{ font: new ej.pdfexport.PdfTrueTypeFont(window.adventProFont, 10) }


{ font: new ej.pdfexport.PdfTrueTypeFont(window.adventProFont, 9) }