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We have created a solution using the syncfusion libraries for Xamarin.Forms and we have found very long compilation times for the Android project, we have been doing several tests and we have seen that if we add PackageReferences to the Syncfusion controls it triggers the time compilation from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 5 minutes 30. Could you guide us on what could be the cause and what could be the possible solution?

We have also been researching and have found the following URL where they explain how to improve compilation times.


In it you can find that the projects must be marked as portable because if they cannot increase the compilation times.

1. DebugType

A little known setting in all .csproj files is the “Debug Type” of a .NET project:

·         portable – the cross-platform format that Mono and Xamarin supports.

·         full – a Windows-specific format for Debug builds

·         pdbonly – a Windows-specific format for Release builds

If your project is not using portable, then Xamarin.Android has to convert the symbols. This setting is specifically important for NuGet authors targeting Xamarin. Using the wrong one (full or pdbonly) will require all consumers of your package to spend that extra build time.

Could this be the cause?