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I have an application that uses the Syncfusion DockingManager for Docking. When closing the application, I store its dock state via the DockingManager.SaveDockState() function to a local xml file. When the application is started, it reads the dock state from the xml file via the DockingManager.LoadDockState() function. I expected that this would make sure that the dock state is identical when restarting the application.

I've noticed that this is not the case if I have tabbed controls and the application window starts maximized. In this case, after calling LoadDockState() the tabbed controls are larger than they were when SaveDockState() was called.

I've attached a small solution that replicates this issue: It contains 3 controls assigned to a DockingManager, two of them tabbed. If you set the dockStateFile variable in Form1.cs to a valid local file name and start the program multiple times, the tabbed controls get larger with each start.

I would appreciate your help with this, because right now this means that the layout of my application changes slightly on each start which isn't ideal.

Kind regards