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We are using the SyncFusion Document Editor Component in our React web application.
Excerpt from package json

"dependencies": {
    "@syncfusion/ej2-base": "^18.1.42",
    "@syncfusion/ej2-react-documenteditor": "^18.1.42",
    "@syncfusion/ej2-react-richtexteditor": "^18.1.42",

When we want to define and style a table, we are opening the modal dialogue Tabelleneigenschaften.
To define the table border and shadow style we are then clicking on the Rahmen und Schattierung button.

Activating the Rahmen und Schattierung sub-dialogue (nothing happens)

After that, nothing happens.

  1. There is no Rahmen und Schattierungdialogue visible, let alone to be able to work with it.
  2. Btw, I can see the sub-dialogue, when I move the Tabelleneigenschaften dialogue to another position.
    Moved first level dialogue window and unreachable second level dialogue window

  3. But, since the Tabelleneigenschaften dialogue is modal, I am not able to use the Rahmen und Schattierung dialogue.

What I would expect

After clicking the Rahmen und Schattierung button, the current dialogue is disappearing and the Rahmen und Schattierung dialogue ist visible, activated and I am able to work with it.