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I have attached the project to this ticket and the Postgres SQL file required to run the project. To reproduce this please import the SQL file with dummy data and modify the appsettings.json connection string to your postgres database. Then go to the records page and try to add a new record. The DropDownList will not work.


Currently if i have a complex field such as:


In this scenario i want to add a new record and have multiple Area objects and i want to set the AreaId of  Record.RecordOverview.AreaId via a DropDownList/ComboBox/AutoComplete. If i use GridEditSettings->Template and create a template for this input as such:

When adding a new Record notice how the SfDropDownList doesn't even load its children until i remove the ID attribute (
from the razor code.

Instead to get this working i have to do all this jargon as opposed to other controls like a SfTextBox where i ONLY have to set the ID attribute to get this working

    public void OnBegin(ActionEventArgs args)
        if (args.RequestType == Syncfusion.Blazor.Grids.Action.Save)
            args.Data.RecordOverview.AreaId = AreaDropDown.Value;

My feedback on DropDownList, AutoCompleteList, ComboBox would be to get the ID attribute working with the SfGrid Edit Template so we don't need to add a load of code every time we need to use these components when editing complex object variables. 

The downsides of not having this working:
- As you can see this OnBegin method will get bigger and bigger the more complex variables that rely on 
DropDownList, AutoCompleteList, ComboBox 
- More code when i have to get the reference to the input component then set it in OnBegin

This is potentially a bug?