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We are trying to utilze caption template in SfGrid group and using  version  Syncfusion Blazor version 

Context does not provide any information about the data such as value of the grouped field etc.

Context on the CaptionTemplate has no values and other than 
Count, Key and Level nothing is provided. 
How can we refer back to the data? Without a reference to the data, we cannot display/fill any data related information in caption. Below a code snipped running inside the CaptionTemplate where we try to see the context values. 


 var ctx = context as CaptionTemplateContext;
 string msg = $"Caption Context => Count:{ctx.Count}|Field:{ctx.Field}|ForeignKey{ctx.ForeignKey}|GroupGuid:{ctx.GroupGuid}|HeaderText:{ctx.HeaderText}|Key:{ctx.Key}|Level:{ctx.Level}"; 


and output message looks always lıke follows:

Caption Context => Count:2|Field:GroupingId|ForeignKey:|GroupGuid:|HeaderText:|Key:854d3c70-3200-44d8-af6e-671054a61745|Level:0

What are we doing wrong? Why are the context values not provided?