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The ListView of Xamarin is designtime capable. This means you can define an array in the xaml and assign that as itemsSource for displaying items during design time.

Example xaml:


        <collections:ArrayList x:Key="DesignArray">

            <x:String>Entry 1</x:String>

            <x:String>Entry 2</x:String>





            ItemsSource="{Binding Entries}"

            d:ItemsSource="{StaticResource DesignArray}">

            ... rest of code



This example ListView will display two items in the designer and bind to the real collection “Entries” at runtime.

Unfortunately your SfListView does not behave like that and can not be used during design time. This makes the usage and styling of pages using your lists more complex than necessary because I always have to startup the application, change to the correct page just to style and correct the content.

It would be very nice if you can make your listview designtime capable.

Hint to the developer:

The Xamarin ListView uses a “IEnumerable” instead of just an object as the type of ItemsSource property which seems to lead the designer-tool not to pass the designtime data in.