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Currently the SfAutoComplete will not bind onto objects which are not a string, int etc. 

Currently the TValue is only supports primitive types, Consider allowing TValue to be complex types:

<SfAutoComplete TValue="GameFields" TItem="GameFields" PlaceHolder=".e.g. Basketball" DataSource="@Games">

<AutoCompleteFieldSettings Value="this"/> //Suggestion or drop this entirely and use a CustomStringSelector param as shown in the image below


I am wanting to convert my UI library to SF but this is the only use-case blocking me. Here is my original MatBlazor UI library code. Notice how i can pass Items=UserList (List<IdentityModel>) and get the selection from the TItem as the TValue. Also Notice how the object is represented as a string using the CustomStringSelector, this StringSelector value is then used for the autocomplete searching. The current SF AutoComplete limits the user to use primitive data types & limits the autocomplete search to only 1 field. 


Another of the use case limitations with SF autocomplete is if you had a first name and last name on a object as different variables you cannot search both.