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Syncfusion Team,

I am implementing a functionality to Autofill the User name and password as per : 

I have Entry inside SfTextInputLayout with Hint text set. Screenshots attached.

When I set the "Hint",  t
he Autofill suggestion displays, only if I double tap on the TextBox. Actually it should be displayed just by single tap.

When I remove the "Hint", this works perfectly, by single tapping, it opens the Autofill suggestions.

But, I don't want to remove the "Hint".

This works good if I remove the 
 SfTextInputLayout wrapper around the Entry.

Any reason why Hint in the SfTextInputLayout is preventing the Autofill to display when I single tap on the Textbox? 

Please suggest how to bring this Autofill popup just by single tapping on the Textbox and without removing the  Hint.

NOTE : For this implementation, there is no need to write anything in the Focus event. This works by default in the Android if we set the autofillHint on EditText natively by Effect.


Milan Gohil