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When I export a free text annotation using ExportAnnotations method in FDF format, I can then reimport this annotation later when opening my PDF file, BUT:

  1. If my text contains accented charater like é,à,è...these characters are not well reimproted with correct coding.
  2. The annotation is no more selectable (we cannot move it in other place or resize the text box)

To test the first problem, I just added a button to the PdfViewer Sample with this code:

private MemoryStream _annotationStream = null;

        private void Button_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)


            if (_annotationStream == null)


                _annotationStream = pdfViewerControl.ExportAnnotations(Syncfusion.Pdf.Parsing.AnnotationDataFormat.Fdf) as MemoryStream;





                pdfViewerControl.ImportAnnotations(_annotationStream, Syncfusion.Pdf.Parsing.AnnotationDataFormat.Fdf);

                _annotationStream = null;



I added a texte with accent, I clicked on the button. The annotation is exported, and cleard. I reclick on the button and the annotation is reimported using the same stream...and the reimported texte contains bad charaters.