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This is a confusing bug because it does not happen consistently and I have found no way to reliably reproduce it.

It happens under these conditions (but not always..):

  • A DataGrid component with a column with a template which shows one of two buttons depending on the context for that row using an if-else (one of the buttons also has an AuthorizeView element around it).
I tried to put this in a code block but this feedback editor is also buggy so it wouldn't let me:
<GridColumn MinWidth="160px" Width="180px">



var model = (GridViewModel)context;
if (model.BooleanValue) {
     <SfProgressButton @onclick=@(e=>
IconCss="fas fa-file-pdf button-icon"
Content="Button 1">
     <ProgressSpinButtonSettings Position=SpinPosition.Left />


} else {
     <AuthorizeView Policy="SomePolicy">

    <ChildContent Context="AuthorizeContext">
<SfProgressButton @onclick=
IconCss="fas fa-file-pdf button-icon"
Content="Button 2">
<ProgressSpinButtonSettings Position=SpinPosition.Left />





  • Data is fetched from a remote resource in the ReadAsync function of a DataAdaptor.

The symptoms:

  1. the grid is initialized & displays in the UI
  2. the spinner appears
  3. the data is loaded and fills the grid in the UI
  4. the spinner does not get hidden, and blocks interaction with the grid

No exceptions are thrown.

I have temporarily "solved" this by setting display:none on the spinner pane in the grid using CSS, but this is not ideal, I would like the spinner to work properly.

as an aside, the column with the buttons also cannot use AutoFit, but that's not a huge issue for me