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Repo steps:

- Add a bunch of messages to the chat, enough that you need to scroll through them.
- Call ScrollToMessage(...) on a message high enough that it'd take a few swipes to scroll down to the bottom again
- Try and scroll to the bottom of the chat.

Expected behaviour:
I should be able to scroll down through the list of messages

Occasionally the start of my input jumps the chat back to the message I called the ScrollToMessage(...) function on. So, I complete one scroll successfully and the chat starts to scroll down. Then as soon as I touch the control again to start another swipe, the UI jumps back up to the messaged used for 
ScrollToMessage(...). Once I scroll up the connection seems to be broken then I can scroll down again.
I'd say it occurs around one in five times I take this sequence of actions.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8 on Android version 9.

We've embedded the sfChat component within a sfPullToRefresh component. When the chat is initially loaded only x messages appear and the user can scroll up to load older messages, triggered by the sfPullToRefresh. When we load new messages the view is still at the top of the chat. This means users are viewing the oldest of the new messages. So we want to use 
ScrollToMessage(...) to scroll back down to the newest of the new messages. But then sometimes they are unable to scroll back down to the newest messages again because of this bug.