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To completely disable Timezone support is extremely tricky and complicated.

Please allow us to set the Timezone property to null in the Scheduler and then simply load and save/update the data (StartTime/EndTime or any other DateTime value) as is To and From the database without any conversion whatsoever. No matter what the client's timezone.

E.g. If they Add a New Appointment say on Saturday, March 21st 

2020 from 

9:00 am to 10:00 (

from any Timezone

) it

should not convert

any DateTime value and Save that in the DB as StartTime=2020-03-21 09:00 am and End

Time=2020-03-21 10:00 am.

Same thing should happen when loading the data as well show the StartTime and EndTime exactly what comes from the DB without any conversion whatsoever no matter what the client's timezone.

I believe we can already do that in Xamarin Forms Scheduler and also in Blazor.

This is causing too much pain.