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I prepared sample project and I used paralelly another Blazorstrap framework to show differences and bug.

On index.page there is Tabs component.
On second tab in component there are three buttons, second and third are bound to IsDisabled bool variable.
IsDisabled variable checks if Vm.Summary is empty, then buttons are disabled.

On first page Add button, switch to second tab, and process pending action, wchich is read in OnAfterRenderAsync in second tab component. Action set Vm.Summary="test", so buttons should be enabled.

And what is wrong...
When I click Add button on second tab manually, all is ok, buttons become enable, and textbox value changes.
But, whan I click Add on first Tab, tab is changed, and background action which run Add method happen, but EjsButton not react on IsDisabled value. Other butons from Blazorstrap working.

EjsNumericTextBox also not work. Value refresh not work, but when I click in field, value refreshes.

It is some bug, because all other component working in such scenarion.

If it is not bug, but feature, please show me how to do such action properly.

In my main projct I use only Syncfusion components, but I have to prepare sample project where can I reproduce bug, so I used another framework where all works fine, and show you differences.