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A while back, Microsoft updated OData V4 so that the default delimiter for the "key" portion of an OData URI is now a slash, rather than parentheses.

Ie, requesting a "Book" with the key "MyBook1" would now be "http://myhost.com/api/Books/MyBook1", rather than "http://myhost.com/api/Books(MyBook1)".

This has an impact on all of the verbs that operate on a single entity: GET, PUT, PATCH, DELETE etc.

Syncfusion does not currently appear to support this without implementing a custom adaptor (as suggested here:  http://jsplayground.syncfusion.com/nw5iljuj?_ga=2.64678895.1307001620.1583742375-938950504.1581684412)

However, as this slash delimiter is now the default, and the parentheses delimiters are essentially deprecated for OData V4, could it be possible to add an option on the ODataV4 adaptor, and the DataManager helper tag, to define the default delimiter to use?