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Was also created on github, but creating here as well to get some traction (

When using the Grid toolbar, a production build leads to a CSP error because "new Function" is used.

Things to note:

  • must be a production build
  • meta tag http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy"
  • toolbar with pdf & excel export

the following code is where the issue comes from:
return new Function("data",var str="${evalExpResult}"; return str;).bind(helper)
When run with a debugger, the evalExpResult value is :
<div class='e-input-group e-search' role='search'><input id='test_searchbar' class='e-input' name='input' type='search'placeholder= 'Search'/><span id='test_searchbutton' class='e-input-group-icon e-search-icon e-icons'tabindex='-1' title='Search' aria-label= 'search'></span></div>