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I have a small WinForm app that is used to configure a IoT device over the USB. There are many, many TextBox, ComboBox and other control in this App, all of them inside a TabControlAdv. When cycling between TABS for configuration I notice that the Control repaint get slower at each switch to the point when the App has to be closed and relaunched. The effect is more noticeable in the more loaded TabPages. I stripped the application to the bare bones Forms (attached project), no processing at all, just the controls. Made one version using the Syncfusion Control and other almost identical using only Windows native controls. After a dozen or so switching between the most loaded tabs (GATES x DEVICES) on the Syncfusion Form you will start to see some paint degradation. After somes 30 or 40 more switches among this pages tha application becomes almost unusable and had to be restarted. The pure Windows controls not only loads and repaint faster but IT DOES NOT degrade the repaint speed overtime. PLease see the attached Project containing the 2 Forms.