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Is it possible to change how the ImportDataJson method from the PDFLoadedForm class works. Right now it functions properly as long as the field data set in the JSON matches the fields in the PDF. 

There is a problem however in the case that the JSON has a field property that is not in the intended PDF target. When loaded it causes an exception which has to be resolved by stopping the loading from the JSON. I have a sample PDF and JSON attached to demonstrate my point.

I'm asking if it is possible to make it such that the ImportDataJson method ignores the field that gave the exception and continues on through the JSON, importing the data. 

I'm asking for this because in the environment that we use the product, our PDFs are not static and change overtime, and this is a problem because we want to be able to store old form data so that it can be reloaded on a PDF when requested, even after a PDF has been updated.

Let me know if I should clarify my point more.