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I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's the intended operation - please advise.

Based on the documentation, my understanding of the filemanager refresh methods is:

refreshFiles() = requery the data source, reload the files/folders and reflect any data changes in the control.

refreshLayout() = Apply any pending property or layout changes and redraw the control without reloading the data.

refresh() = A combination of both of the above.

Is this correct ?

My issue

Having changed some column settings dynamically, those changes are not reflected in the control unless the refresh() method is called. However, calling refresh() has the effect of also triggering a data reload. I would expect that calling the refreshLayout() method would achieve the desired outcome ? (i.e. the control is re-rendered but the data is not reloaded ) ... but it doesn't appear to work that way.


filemanager.detailsViewSettings.columns[0].headerText = "New Text"

filemanager.detailsViewSettings.columns[1].visible = false

filemanager .refreshLayout()    
// Has no effect

filemanager .refresh()  // Has the desired effect  except that a complete data reload is triggered.

Calling refresh() also overwrites/clears some settings like selectedItems etc so it's not a solution to my issue.

I can achieve what I need using JQuery, however, any changes that I make are then overwritten again if the user clicks the refresh button on the toolbar.

Thanks for your help

Gary Dunne