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we are using the control inside RecyclerView and were facing the issue that some input where showing Masks even if no Mask was specified… After a good amount of debugging we found the following. A MakedEdit that had a Masked applied is unable to remove the Mask by setting it to null.

var editor = FindViewById(Resource.Id.Editor);

editor.Mask = "00000";

editor.Mask = null;

editor.Value = "a";

is displaying

it should display

Reason why it is happening:

LoadTextBox in returning if Mask is null and does not check if there was a Mask befor so it is not clearing any existing Mask. 

Workarround is:

editor.Mask = "00000";

editor.Mask = string.Empty;

editor.Value = "a";

It would be nice to get a fix for this. Thanks.