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In older versions I was able to develop the edit mode features and was working fine.

 Right now I cannot enter in Edit mode when certain columns are tapped.

Here is the code:

//Please note I'm not using the EditTapAction property. I call BeginEdit in the GridTapped event.
 SfDataGrid orderGrid = new SfDataGrid(this);
                    orderGrid.AllowPullToRefresh = true;
                    orderGrid.PullToRefreshCommand = new Command(OrderGridPullToRefresh);
                    orderGrid.AllowEditing = true;
                    orderGrid.CurrentCellEndEdit += OrderGrid_CurrentCellEndEdit;
                    orderGrid.GridTapped += OrderGrid_GridTapped;
                    orderGrid.ColumnSizer = ColumnSizer.Auto;

                    orderGridLayout.AddView(orderGrid, orderGridLayout.Width, 400);

 private void OrderGrid_GridTapped(object sender, GridTappedEventArgs e)
                if (e.RowColumnIndex.RowIndex > 0)
                    if (e.RowColumnIndex.ColumnIndex < 2 || e.RowColumnIndex.ColumnIndex > 4)
                        SeleccionaProductoaCargar(true, e.RowColumnIndex.RowIndex);
                        if (!orderGrid.IsInEditMode)
                            btnEndEdit.Enabled = true;
                            orderGrid.EditorSelectionBehavior = EditorSelectionBehavior.SelectAll;
                            orderGrid.BeginEdit(e.RowColumnIndex.RowIndex, e.RowColumnIndex.ColumnIndex);