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When you put a sfTimePicker inside a collection view an error appears:

01-30 17:24:16.893 I/MonoDroid(22317): UNHANDLED EXCEPTION:
01-30 17:24:16.896 I/MonoDroid(22317): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
01-30 17:24:16.896 I/MonoDroid(22317):   at Com.Syncfusion.SfPicker.SfPicker.CheckValidSelection (System.Object selItem) [0x0004e] in <26d45856c3b844b080d90e13aa96e99d>:0 
01-30 17:24:16.896 I/MonoDroid(22317):   at Com.Syncfusion.SfPicker.SfPicker.set_SelectedItem (System.Object value) [0x0000c] in <26d45856c3b844b080d90e13aa96e99d>:0 
01-30 17:24:16.896 I/MonoDroid(22317):   at Syncfusion.SfPicker.XForms.Droid.SfPickerMapping.OnPickerPropertiesChanged (System.String propertyName, Syncfusion.SfPicker.XForms.SfPicker formsPicker, Com.Syncfusion.SfPicker.SfPicker nativePicker) [0x00644] in <d0f3a26f476d40f28be6ecd571b5440c>:0 
01-30 17:24:16.896 I/MonoDroid(22317):   at Syncfusion.SfPicker.XForms.Droid.SfPickerRenderer.OnElementPropertyChanged (System.Object sender, System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangedEventArgs e) [0x00014] in <d0f3a26f476d40f28be6ecd571b5440c>:0 
01-30 17:24:16.896 I/MonoDroid(22317):   at (wrapper delegate-invoke) <Module>.invoke_void_object_PropertyChangedEventArgs(object,System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangedEventArgs)
01-30 17:24:16.896 I/MonoDroid(22317):   at Xamarin.Forms.BindableObject.OnPropertyChanged (System.String propertyName) [0x00000] in D:\a\1\s\Xamarin.Forms.Core\BindableObject.cs:229 

The same time picker without collection view work fine.

You can see the error in the same solution I attach you.
Thanks and regards