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The following issues occur when AutoLayoutToolStrip is set in RibbonControlAdv.

1. ToolStripButton, ToolStripSplitButton and ToolStripDropDownButton text are not properly aligned at the bottom with respect to each other.

2. When the ToolStripEx is collapsed and ImageScaling is set SizeToFit, then the ToolStripSplitButton image position gets changed or rescaled when clicking the drop down arrow.

3. These issues occur in 100 scaling and also in higher DPI.

Replication Procedure:

Case 1:

1. Run the sample.
2. Note that the ToolStripButton and ToolStripSplitButton text are not properly aligned at the bottom.

Case 2:

1. Run the sample.
2. Resize the ribbon form to a smaller size such that the ToolStripEx collapses.
3. Now open the dropdown and click on the ToolStripSplitButton arrow.
4. Note that the image of the split button is re-positioned.