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For the version, I have selected the PHP version, as I assume this is an issue during the generation on its side and not the JQuery side. (Launcher says it's the latest)

I have noticed that the Scheduler is not removing the quotes for the menu items, I was following the sample here https://help.syncfusion.com/php/schedule/context-menu

Actual output:
"menuItems":"{n        "appointment": [n            { "id": "open", "text": "Open Appointment" },n            { "id": "delete", "text": "Delete Appointment" }n        ]n    }"

Expected Output:
"menuItems": { "appointment": [ { "id": "open", "text": "Open Appointment" }, { "id": "delete", "text": "Delete Appointment" } ] }

Example script:
$schedule = new EJ\Schedule($params['id'] ?? 'defaultSchedule');

$menuData = '{
"appointment": [
{ "id": "open", "text": "Open Appointment" },
{ "id": "delete", "text": "Delete Appointment" }
$contextData = new EJ\Schedule\ContextMenuSetting();

return $schedule->width('100%')->contextMenuSettings($contextData)->render();