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When using the multiselect, I am binding an empty array to the value via v-model, but an empty string value is being added which causes several different issues.

First, when adding a second item, there is now a comma in front of the first visible chip. 

Second, when backspacing to remove items, the following error is thrown:

TypeError: elements[(elements.length - 1)] is undefined vendor.js line 2327 > eval:336:21
    removelastSelection multi-select.js:328
    keyNavigation multi-select.js:1142
    onKeyDown multi-select.js:1069
    <anonymous> self-hosted:876

Third, there are validation issues because of the empty items and we can't limit the number of selections to 1.

Here is a sample of the markup:

                        placeholder="Select or enter an email address"

The datasource is fine, just an array of objects conforming to normal FieldSettingsModel.  Form.CC is an empty array at initialization, but when I open the form with the control, several dozen update:value events are fired with empty values like this:


Not only is this bad for page performance, but the value is junk and should never be getting emitted.