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When initializing SfRichTextEditor it takes approximately 500ms-1000ms to load on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is a very noticeable delay and makes the app using it seem sluggish and laggy.

Initialization Code:

RichTextEditor = new SfRichTextEditor()
    VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand,
    PlaceHolder = "Write your notes here!",

if (BindingContext != null)
    Note note = BindingContext as Note;
    RichTextEditor.HtmlText = note.Text;

RichTextEditor.SetBinding(SfRichTextEditor.HtmlTextProperty, "HTMLText");


To reproduce, deploy to any device and click the + at the top right. Notice the delay.

Compare to when you comment out the RichTextEditor code on NoteEntryPage constructor.

Attempting to initialize it on a background thread does not help. the StackLayout.Children.Add(RichTextEditor) line is what appears to be slow, not the new SfRichTextEditor() piece.

This can be reproduced by constructing an instance of SfRichTextEditor on a background thread, then calling

MainThread.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() => StackLayout.Children.Add(RichTextEditor));