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Hi, there does not seem to be a category for PowerPoint in the create feedback Product/Control menu, so I am not sure where to file this.

However, when working with hyperlinks in powerpoint it seems there are some restrictions:

  • All local links must point to a file
  • If the link is to a file, it must exist at time of link creation (or an exception is generated)

There are many reasons why one would want to link to a file that does not exist at runtime, for example:

  • The file will be generated later after the powerpoint is generated
  • The file does not exist on the machine generating the powerpoint but does on the intended client
  • And just as a whole, it does not seem right to be checking whether or not a file exists when creating a link to it.

This also adds a second problem, one cannot link to folders/directories. Once again, there are many reasons why one would want to link to a directory in a powerpoint. If I want to create easy access to 100 files, I would not want to put 100 links in the powerpoint but instead 1 link to the folder containing the files. 

I am very happy with the powerpoint library but these restrictions are really hurting my workflow!