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I've created a FileManager using the basic sample code


    ej.filemanager.FileManager.Inject( ej.filemanager.DetailsView, ej.filemanager.Toolbar, ej.filemanager.NavigationPane );

    var hostUrl = GSDUtils.resolveUrl'api/Resources' );

    var fileObject = new ej.filemanager.FileManager({
            ajaxSettings: {
                urlhostUrl + 'FileOperations',
                downloadUrlhostUrl + 'Download',
                uploadUrlhostUrl + 'Upload'

    fileObject.appendTo'#filemanager' );

The component loads and populates as expected, however, when I click on a folder in the folder Tree (left hand pane) I get a scripting error in the console - "Cannot read property 'classList' of null"

treeview.js:1396 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'classList' of null

    at t.clickHandler (treeview.js:1396)

    at tap (treeview.js:3831)

    at e.notify (observer.js:99)

    at t.e.trigger (base.js:181)

    at t.n.endEvent (touch.js:118)

The scripts are loaded using the latest version from the CDN 

Can you suggest where the problem might be ?