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FormValidator's refresh method does nothing (at least visually) in the form.

This is a typical scenario: the user selects a record to edit, there are required information that wasn't filled in that record, but as the user didn't touch the form yet, no error is shown. Once the user focus on a required field and modify it or not, the validation applies. If the user hits the "Cancel" button, it means, he does not want to save the modified record, the form should refresh itself, and hide the validation error because now the form is suppose to display initial data, without modifications.

We cannot use HTML type="reset" button because there are additional logic to be done when user hits "Cancel".

To reproduce: 

Change email to something invalid, hit "Cancel", validation error is still there because formObj.refresh() isn't working.

We have several forms without proper validation because we are not capable of doing it for now. Thanks in advance.