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Today I upgraded all my Syncfusion components from to Have not done any specific testing so far, but have already found when running my application on a Samsung A40 phone (Android 9) I get an unhandled exception when switching tabbed pages. However on a Blackview phone (Android 8.1) it seems ok

To reproduce the problem I open a page within my app that uses an SfTabView. This tab view has 5 tabs on it, but only 4 are visible by default. I can switch between the first 3 of 4 visible pages fine. But when I switch to the 4th visible page, then it reliably produces a "Exception Unhandled" dialog with the details "Android.Util.AndroidRuntimeException: 'Animators may only be run on Looper threads'"

By rolling back my components to the problem goes away. Also, when it is working, I note that selecting the 4th visible tab, would normally cause the 5th and last tab (previously not visible) to be scrolled into view.

So my conclusion is that v17.4.0.40 has a problem with SfTabView when running on Android 9, triggered by switching to the last visible tab, when there is at least one more visible tab to be scrolled into view.