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The Grid component wraps custom template based editors with a form tag.

When finished, it sends the endEdit event which in turn invokes reset on the wrapping form element (presumably because editing is done and the form changes have been assimilated).

However, this reset Event then continues to propagate it's way up the ancestor form tags of the entire page. 

The net result is that endEdit of a single row in the grid, causes a chain reaction that clears all form data on my page.

One way this could be solved is by the Grid component passing '

onlySelf'= true to the FormGroup.reset method (which would be appropriate since the editor owns it's own form).

In the meantime, if anyone else gets bit by this, I resolved it in my own code by programmatically grabbing the wrapped form element and adding a 'reset' event handler that invokes stopPropogation() on the event.