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1.Font Size

We need to preserve the "lstStyle" element with all Level Properties (lvlpPr). If the size is not mentioned in the TextRunProperties (rPr) then we have to get the font size from Level Properties collection based on the index mentioned in the TextRunProperties. The default index is ‘0’

2. Bullets and Tick marks

We need to parse the “buFont” element to get the font information and parse the “buChar” element to get the bullet character. Then we need to add this font and the bullet character to textArea RichText.

3. Border Color
4. Border Thickness

We have to expose the below APIs to get border color, fill color, borderline width, line pattern.
We need to extract the border and fill color from lnRef and fillRef elements in style element and returned the extracted information for respective APIs.
If there is no information in style elements, then we have to parse the fmtScheme element and its inner elements fillStyleLst and lnStyleLst in the new methods. Need to extract the line and fill information from the fillStyle and InStyle collection.