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In a project we've created the possibility to save a document out of the editor as a draft (saved the sfdt-json in a database). Later a user can reload the sfdt-json, finish the document and export it as pdf. In the background we export the docx and use an .NET service to generate the pdf.

Now we have updated "ej2-react-documenteditor" to version 17.3.27 (from 16.4.54). Now we are not able to render pdf from draft created with the "older" editor. We think there is an issue while exporting/writing the docx file. We have imported our sfdt into your online demo and tryied to export the docx. Word can not open the document. An error was found withn "/word/header1.xml".
For further validation we used this tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30425

If we create a new template/draft from scratch we can render the final pdf. But this is not a solution for us as there are thousends of already created draft/templates.

Is it a bug in your export mechanism?