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I have a SharePoint page with two web parts, each of which is a SyncFusion board but linked to different SP lists. I drag a card (ID: 2) in the top board and all is well, If I then drag a card (ID: 2) in the 2nd board the card will disappear. I have a dragCard method in the board which passes the update to SP for update. I've been putting a breakpoint at the start of this method so I can look at the state of play. $("div.e-kanban").eq(0).data("ejKanban").model.dataSource gives me the card data for the 1st board (and eq(1) for the 2nd). After the 1st drag I see the 1st board instance of dragCard execute and:
 - args.data contains the card I just dropped.
 - args.model.dataSource (or via the div as above) shows me the cards as I expected.
After the 2nd drop the 2nd boards instance of dragCard executes and:
 - args.data contains data for both dragged cards, even though they are in different instances of the board.
 - The dataSource (by either approach) I see that the card data I just dropped has replaced the card in the 1st instance of the board.

I would send the code but without the SP environment it won't make much sense. I am trying to produce a simpler example to make this easier to reproduce but it is not so easy.

Do you have any experience of people using two board in the same page and any tips and tricks?