Maui Badgeview Samples

Updated on Jun 28, 2024
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Contains the samples for SfBadgeView in .NET MAUI Platform

Getting Started with the .NET MAUI BadgeView Control

Badges are used to notify users of new or unread messages, notifications, or the status of something.


Adding the .NET MAUI BadgeView

Step 1: Add the NuGet to the project and add the namespace as shown in the following code sample:




    using Syncfusion.Maui.Core;

Step 2: Set the BadgeView control to content in ContentPage.

<badge:SfBadgeView >        


SfBadgeView sfBadgeView = new SfBadgeView();
this.Content = sfBadgeView

Project pre-requisites

Make sure that you have the compatible versions of Visual Studio with .NET MAUI workloads and .NET SDK version in your machine before starting to work on this project. Refer to System Requirements for .NET MAUI.

How to run this application?

To run this application, you need to first clone the maui-badgeview-samples repository and then open it in Visual Studio 2022. Now, simply build and run your project to view the output.


Path too long exception

If you are facing a path too long exception when building this example project, close Visual Studio rename the repository to short, and build the project.


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