How To Export The Angular Pivot Table With Advanced Customization

Updated on Jul 01, 2024
angular-pivot-table angular-pivotview ej2-angular-pivotview ej2-pivot pdf pdf-exporting pivot-table pivot-table-exporting pivot-table-pdf-exporting pivottabe pivotview

A quick-start project that helps you export Syncfusion Angular Pivot Table data as PDF document with advanced customization options. This project includes code snippets for customizing the filename, styling, page size, page orientation, header, footer, column count, column width, row height, and changing the width and height of the PDF document. It also includes code snippets for exporting multiple pivot tables and integrating a table and a chart into a single PDF document.

Refer to the following PDF Exporting documentation on the Syncfusion Angular Pivot Table component:

Project prerequisites

Make sure that you have the latest versions of NodeJS and Visual Studio Code in your machine before starting to work on this project.

How to run this application?

To run this application, you need to clone the export-angular-pivot-table-to-pdf-document-with-advanced-customization repository and then open it in Visual Studio Code. Now, simply install all the necessary angular packages into your current project using the npm install command. After installing the packages, run your project with the ng serve command.