What do we do? - Information

We work to produce software building blocks that other developers use. As software has become more and more complex to produce it is commonly the case that more and more companies rely on software building blocks to produce complex software.

We work at a much lower level than typical application development. We write the plumbing that powers application development for thousands of developers worldwide. This does mean that we look for our team members to be significantly better than industry peers. You have to have a solid understanding of data structures and be seriously interested in programming. You should also have a passion for problem solving and excellence.

The nature of our work often requires us to work in areas where there are very few teams working world-wide. Consider the Windows Presentation Foundation or Silverlight. We started work, producing components for these platforms years before they became industry buzzwords. If you are truly looking to stay ahead of the curve there is no better place to work than Syncfusion.

At the current time we produce software components for the following platforms.

Windows Presentation Foundation
Windows Forms