What do we look for? - Information

We look for developers who are willing to go beyond what is obvious. If you are always looking for answers that go above and beyond what is obvious you will find work at Syncfusion compelling and thrilling. If you are not simply content to use controls that offer the latest performance but wonder about the low level details that make such performance possible you will find work at Syncfusion enticing.

Working in the component development business is not for everyone. If you like working on simple and repetitive tasks you will find our work environment challenging (to put it mildly!).

You should be comfortable with the following.

Engineers are not always the most talented graphics designers (ask us!). We work hard on the details behind the scenes but fully appreciate that it takes a talented graphics designer to give shape and form to our code. After all a picture is worth a thousand words! To users the user interface (UI) is everything. The UI is the application’s shop window. If we get the UI right the rest of the application has a chance. If we do not get the UI right, the application has no chance to impress the user.

If you are a talented graphics designer who wants to work with a talented bunch of engineers who truly appreciate your skills, look no further.

We look for skills in the following areas.

Microsoft Expression
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop