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Volume 4, 2018 release announcement

What’s New with JavaScript Scheduler in Volume 4

Our 2018 Volume 3 release included impressive Scheduler features such as timeline views, drag and drop, and resize support. In our new 2018 Volume 4 release, we are including a few more enhancements to cover other important Scheduler use cases.

Our 2018 Volume 4 release is now available to download from the License & Downloads page. If you are new to Syncfusion, you can try our 30-day free trial to check out these new features.

In this blog, we will summarize the new features and enhancements added for the JavaScript Scheduler in the 2018 Volume 4 release. All of the features mentioned here are also available for Angular, React, Vue, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Core.

Virtual loading for events and resources

In pursuit of better performance in the Scheduler when loading a large number of resources and events, we have added virtual scrolling support in the timeline view to load a large set of resources and events instantly as you scroll.

Scheduler showing Virtual Loading of Events and Resources                                                               Scheduler with Virtual Loading

For now, the virtual loading support is available only for timeline views. In the future, we plan to port virtual loading to all other applicable Scheduler views.

External drag and drop

Previously, you could only drag and drop events within the Scheduler layout. With the new external drag-and-drop support, you can drag and drop events onto other external targets outside the Scheduler. In addition, you can also drag items from external sources and drop them onto the Scheduler.

Dragging and Dropping an item from the External List onto Scheduler

                                              Dragging and Dropping an Item from an External List

Blocking dates and time

There are scenarios where you may want to block specific time ranges or block a set of date series in the Scheduler. Doing so will prevent the creation of events in the cells underlying those blocked time ranges.

We provided this support in a very simple style that allows you to create even recurring blocks easily.

Blocked Times displayed in the Scheduler

                                                              Blocked times in the Scheduler

Islamic calendar mode

You can now view the Scheduler dates in Islamic calendar mode (Hijri year), and display events based on those calendar date values. However, this feature does not yet support recurrence options, but we’re planning to add them in the next release.

Scheduler displayed in Islamic Calendar Mode

                                                         Scheduler in Islamic Calendar Mode

Read-only events

Specific events in the Scheduler can now be defined and displayed as read-only. Only the event information is displayed in read-only events, and their CRUD actions are unavailable by default.

Read-Only Events in Scheduler

                                                                    Read-Only events in Scheduler

Context menu integration

You can now integrate a context menu manually into the Scheduler component from the application end and make it open either on cells or events. We have provided few built-in Scheduler methods to be used from application end to handle those context menu actions.

You can also define custom menu items as needed.

Context Menu displayed on Scheduler Event

                                                             Context Menu on Scheduler event

Drag and resize improvements

In addition to the default drag and resize actions in the Scheduler, we have included a few enhancements to improve user interaction:

  • Auto-scrolling in the Scheduler view port when the drag or resize action on an event reaches either the top or bottom of the view.
  • Automatic navigation to the next or previous date range views while dragging and holding an event either to the left or right edges of the Scheduler.
  • Drag support for events on mobile devices. Tap and hold an event and then move it to a new time slot.
  • Indicator for new events created after single-tapping cells in mobile mode.

New Event Indicator in Scheduler Mobile Mode

                                                             New event Indicator in Mobile mode

Check out all our newly implemented features and, if you wish to send us feedback or would like to ask any questions regarding them, please feel free to post in the comments section below, or contact us through our support forum or Direct-Trac.

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