What’s New in 2010 Volume 3: Diagram Silverlight

With Volume 3 being the main release for Essential Diagram for Silverlight, the most awaited Save and Load feature will be available in this release. The Save and Loads methods will be analogous to the WPF counterpart and will be available as public methods in the DiagramControl class. The Save method will have three overloads

  • Save()- Opens a Save File dialog box to allow the user to select a location to save the XAML file.
  • Save(Stream stream)- Enables saving to a memory stream.
  • Save(string filename)- Enables saving directly to a file.Similarly the Load method will also have three overloads:
  • Load()- Opens a Load File dialog box to allow the user to select a location to load the XAML file from.
  • Load(Stream stream)- Enables loading from a memory stream.
  • Load(string filename)- Enables loading a XAML file. 

    Along with the support to save and load within the Silverlight application, the support to load a XAML file from its WPF counterpart will also be provided. However, this will have some limitations. Triggers and DrawingImages (which are not supported in Silverlight) saved in the WPF XAML file will not be loaded and will be ignored. Apart from this, several other features will be available, namely:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Rulers.
  • Label Editor for Nodes and LineConnectors
  • Filtering support in the SymbolPalette
  • Connection ports for Nodes
  • Radial Tree Layout
  • Grouping and Ungrouping of diagram objects
  • Data binding supportDo check our website for more details on the release dates and feature updates.

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