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This video is an overview of Syncfusion’s support incident management portal.  You will see how to create and escalate incidents, view all your old incidents and get your product keys. At Syncfusion, we take pride in providing high quality, timely and efficient support. It is our driving goal to maximize your productivity as a developer when you use our tools.

Our standard support model is a 24hr response time for submitted incidents.  We will offer custom samples to ensure you are getting the most from our products.  If we cannot resolve the issue via e-mail, our support engineers will explore other options including remote debugging. More than that, our support engineers are our actual developers. We have a large team of developers and they all have to spend some part of their time answering support incidents – so you will be getting first-hand information.

So Syncfusion Support not only provides you with one of the quickest response times, but the responses come from people who actually know what they are talking about.


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