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Syncfusion’s 2014 Tech Gift Guide

Nothing says holidays quite like tradition, so for the second year in a row we have decided to share our top picks for gifts this season. We’ve also included a few items from our #12DaysofDotNet giveaway—read on to learn how you can enter and win.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

This smartwatch will help with all of your multitasking during the holidays and throughout the New Year. Use the Samsung Gear 2 to make and receive calls, set appointments, listen to music, interact with apps, and of course, tell time. Marketing coordinator Hillary Bowling says her favorite thing about the Gear 2 is the personal fitness tracker, which records your heart rate and coaches you on how to improve on sleep and exercise.

Bose SoundTrue Headphones

These in-ear headphones provide incredible sound at an even more incredible price. Designed for comfort and function, they promise to stay in your ear and sound great, too. Jake Colley, senior product consultant, says these headphones would make a great gift for those who like to listen to their favorite music on the go without sacrificing quality.

Apple TV

Sandy Lill, accounts receivable manager, says that Apple TV is a great alternative to cable for anyone ready to make a change in their viewing experience. The digital media player connects to your TV through an HDMI port and enables you to stream content from the Apple App Store, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and several other applications.

GoPro Hero

The name GoPro has become synonymous with take-anywhere cameras that can withstand extreme conditions. Marketing coordinator Samantha Flannery has one on her shopping list this season because she plans to take up wakeboarding next year. According to the makers of this digital camera, the Hero model is “the perfect entry-level GoPro,” and includes all the high-definition video and photo recording features you need for your next adventure in a compact, waterproof package.

USB Heated Gloves

This year, content producer Graham High is still looking for something to keep his hands warm at work. These wool gloves from KlearGear just need a USB connection to a computer or gaming console, and heat your hands quickly without impeding your ability to interact with the device.

(Note: Though we are sorry Graham is still constantly freezing in the office, there’s really nothing we can do about it.)

Bionic Bird

Tres Watkins, Syncfusion content development manager, recommends the Bionic Bird for those who like to take their tech outdoors. The remote-control bird is meant to simulate real flight, and according to its creators, some birds have even been convinced it is one of them. An app is currently available to control the Bionic Bird from an iPhone, and an Android app is in the works. A third remote channel will also be created by the end of next year, enabling the bird’s tail to be controlled independently of its wings.

Did any of the items on this list sound like something you’d like to give (or receive) this holiday season? If so, you’re in luck—the first four are on the list of prizes for our #12DaysofDotNet giveaway. Answer a .NET trivia question on Twitter each day now through December 17 for a chance to win a Samsung Gear 2, Bose headphones, an Apple TV, a GoPro Hero, or one of several other exciting gadgets!


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