Syncfusion Exhibited at Xamarin Dev Summit

syncfusion staff at xamarin dev summit

Sheik, Prabakaran, Marissa, and Sierra at Xamarin Dev Summit. Source: Marissa Keller Outten

Syncfusion sponsored the Xamarin Dev Summit in Houston last month and exhibited there, as well. It was a lively event full of mobile developers who were eager to connect and talk about the latest and greatest news in cross-platform mobile development.

Happy customers

We were glad to meet Syncfusion customers who love our Essential Studio for Xamarin. One customer gushed about how the PDF Viewer was great and saved him so much time. I asked him if I could record that on my phone and he agreed! Here he is in his own words.


In addition to great conversations with Syncfusion customers and visitors to our booth, we had fun giving out some cool SWAG—Eat, Sleep, Code t-shirts and our Cody-branded Syncfusion socks were popular.

xamarin dev summit stickers and syncfusion stickers

XamDevSummit and Syncfusion stickers. Source: Marissa Keller Outten

syncfusion t-shirts

Syncfusion’s T-shirts. Source: Marissa Keller Outten


Syncfusion’s Cody socks. Source: Marissa Keller Outten

Essential UI Kit

Our technical team leads, Prabakaran and Sheik, showcased our latest offering, the Essential UI Kit, a package of free and beautiful XAML templates for Xamarin.Forms. Visitors to our exhibit area thought that the forms would be quite helpful to them, especially the templates for form fields such as a login screen. The full source code is available on GitHub and you can download the Essential UI Kit from the Visual Studio Marketplace, as well.

essential ui kit on visual studio marketplace

It was a great inaugural event for the Xamarin Dev Summit. We hope that Dan Siegel and the team at MegSoft Consulting create this event again in 2020!

For more information:

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Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms Source
Visual Studio Marketplace Extension
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Blog: Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms


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